Welcome to Ayur Sanjeeva

The Ayur Sanjeeva nature and wonderland holiday resort unfolds one of its unique offers to its visitor. Untouched by city life, the simplicity of the place has a holistic approach that rejuvenates the very core of human existence. The cup that cheers the world is now being raised to advertise anti-oxidant filled, rejuvenating and nature bound healthy holidays amid lush green expense of the tea garden, replete with naturopathy, massage and spa therapy and the flavor of local cuisines to assure top notch touring experience to the visitor. The hamlet reeks of moisture laden earth and the growing mist in the distant tea garden.

  The Location

Ayur Sanjeeva is situated off National Highway 37 at Tilikiam, Jorhat. It is 12 km from Jorhat airport and 9 km from the heart of the town, 300km from Guwahati airport, 60 km from Kaziranga National Park, 20 km from river island Majuli Island.

  Weather: May to August: 240C to 370C
    September to December: 180C to 300C
    January to April: 120C to 300C
  Rainfall: April to September, peaking in July- August
  The Tea Village

Tea, the very word represents the mystic magic of the nature clad. Ayur Sanjeeva situated in the lush green splash of Jorhat in Upper Assam, this wellness centre is actually in the heart of a three hundred acre scenic sprawling tea estate in India's exotic orient. Meandering streams, manicured gardens, yards of walkways and aesthetic cottages garnished with soothing fresh air and serenity stirred only by the chirping of birds give you the perfect recipe of well being.

  The Holiday Resort

Ayur Sanjeeva is a complete rejuvenating experience. Far from the maddening crowd lies this wonderland. You can stay at the Resort in the luxurious cottages and resort rooms with a spectacular view of lush green tea estate, farmland, fishery, orchard and verdant scenic surroundings typical of healthy tea estate.

  The Conference Destination

Ayur Sanjeeva has the most modern amenities set for a corporate event. Exotic locations to hold your corporate conference, along with all necessary infrastructure arrangements and a team to cater to the food and beverage needs clubbed with stress management and nature therapy. Come and enjoy even when you are working.